PythonCall & JuliaCall

Bringing Python® and Julia together in seamless harmony:

  • Call Python code from Julia and Julia code from Python via a symmetric interface.
  • Simple syntax, so the Python code looks like Python and the Julia code looks like Julia.
  • Intuitive and flexible conversions between Julia and Python: anything can be converted, you are in control.
  • Fast non-copying conversion of numeric arrays in either direction: modify Python arrays (e.g. bytes, array.array, numpy.ndarray) from Julia or Julia arrays from Python.
  • Helpful wrappers: interpret Python sequences, dictionaries, arrays, dataframes and IO streams as their Julia counterparts, and vice versa.
  • Beautiful stack-traces.
  • Works anywhere: tested on Windows, MacOS and Linux, 32- and 64-bit, Julia Julia 1.6.1 upwards and Python 3.7 upwards.